“It was so great to be in a small, vibrant group. The villa was beautiful, the food (and wine) plenty, the travelers friendly, the tours amazing and we learned from a fantastic and professional pastel artist, Tara O'Leary. While we were sitting in a beautiful plaza having our lunch one afternoon I observed a bus tour of approximately 40 individuals get off the bus and line up for an ice cream. The bus tour's ice cream excursion took as much time as our entire fabulous, relaxed lunch. I was grateful to be on our intimate tour. I came home with new art skills and a few completed pieces as well as some new friends and a host of photos and memories that will last a lifetime. I have admired Tara O'Leary's work and I felt so grateful for the opportunity to learn techniques from her while staying at a fabulous villa and traveling the Tuscan countryside. It was an amazing experience.”

-Helen Harvey

“My experience in Tuscany was truly amazing. It was my first time in Italy and the country was so beautiful and inspirational...a perfect place to be inspired to paint! I think if I wasn't artistic, I would have been after the experience. I definitely wanted to be a better photographer after when I returned home! Not only was Italy beautiful, the people were so friendly and inviting...not only the Italians, but the amazing women I traveled with. Tara and Geralyn created a unforgettable trip! There was just so much to soak in...a week wasn't long enough.”

-Kathryn True • Park City, Utah

”My first trip with Art of travel was to Tuscany. There I really learned for the first time how to use my pastels I had dabbled with for a while. The lighting was the most incredible difference I noticed in the landscape and Tara really helped me both see it and translate it to my painting. I am not a full time artist but had always had an interest in art. All of us seemed to have so much in common, our interests, our passions, our appreciation of nature, finding new friends to share that with was just awesome. My second trip was to Lk Como, with many of the return guest from Tuscany. The hotel was beautiful and the locations to paint where breathtaking. We also loved the shopping and ferry trips to nearby towns to explore more of that region. Again Geralyn and Tara along with our guide Rafaell set a mood of relaxed travel so we all felt at ease and comfortable. I have some of the most beautiful pictures and memories from these two trips. I hope to make it to Greece for another fun trip with those ladies.”

-Suellen Spillane • Harrington Pk, NJ

“I signed up for the art trip to Italy not really knowing anyone. I also didn't know the first thing about painting. I came home with ten new friends and keepsakes I will treasure forever. Geralyn and Tara are fun, organized, engaging and professional. Every location we visited had been well planned and was a visual (and culinary) treat. Still trying to figure out a way to go again. Highly recommend this trip either with a friend or solo. Five star experience!”

-Cindy Potters Millburn NJ

“I have travelled to Italy on two separate occasions with Tara and Geralyn and thoroughly enjoyed my time in Tuscany and Lake Como. Our week In Tuscany was spent at a charming Villa in the countryside. The week was filled with trips to local sights of interest, painting from all the wonderful vistas we experienced and lots of fun and laughter. Tara is a very encouraging teacher who inspired us all to paint regardless of our previous art experience. Geralyn did a great job making sure that everyone was taken care of. Our week in Lake Como was equally enjoyable, with trips via the ferry to local towns on the lake, exploring local markets and of course painting the beautiful lake. We visited a mountain top restaurant which afforded us a spectacular view of the lake and mountain ranges as the sun set, whilst sipping our wine, a truly memorable meal. I can honestly say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their vacations in Italy, and I am looking forward to the next opportunity when I can once again travel with Tara and Geralyn!”